Why You Should Be Ski-Ing With Your Squad This Winter

Why You Should Be Ski-Ing With Your Squad This Winter

I had often been away with the girls on sunny holidays but it was only over the last few years that I actually found some mates who loved to snowboard (well they all liked to ski) as much as me.


Now I’m always going to be a little bias as I would always rather be on the mountains than on a beach getting sand stuck in your nether regions, hence we decided to up, move and call this wondrous place home.


BUT heading to the mountains with my pals in tow, exceeded all of my expectations for a holiday with friends.


I got to know these girls better and we grew closer than ever before.


Now lets not get things twisted, I simply love my family ski trips too, in fact it’s just another reason to head to the mountains more than once in each season but the dynamics of the trip is obviously a lot different.


It was an opportunity to step out of the everyday routine, having bags of fun, freedom and adventure in the snow.


I would find that we would be a little braver on the snow parks, attempt more jumps (even if they were just baby ones) and generally just egging each other on. Followed by falling in fits of laughter as the test dummy binned it on the first attempt and landed head first into some of the deep stuff.


We got out and covered some mileage even when the legs started feeling tired and weary, but ever so satisfying when you head down the slopes at speed with your team by your side and a rush of exhilaration fills your entire body.


Add in a healthy dose of Après Ski to be the icing on the cake to your epic day on the mountains.


We definitelyrecommend you get down to Robbo’s bar to sample a pint of its pretty infamous Mutzig. You will have to take my word for it until you try it out but you will see why it has such a name for it’s self.


Morzine just being 1hr20mins from Geneva airport means that you can be on an early morning flight and be on the mountains by the afternoon getting in maximum ski time.


Being on the mountains with your pals is a special and unique opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime with memories that you will treasure forever.


So gather your squad now and see who’s in.


We have week long and short stay breaks still available.


Email info@theworksmorzine.com or Call 00 33 781 97 12 83 or fill in a enquiry form HERE.




PS – Don’t forget that if you book a week long stay before the 30th September you get a FREE upgrade to our lux package. Check out full details HERE

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