Ski Holiday With Kids: Survival Guide

So as we are now getting into the swing of the season, our eldest has been on a few skiing and snowboarding lessons now.


Very first session we managed to screw up the times and got to the meeting point in Avoriaz 4 hours early. Doh!!


Anyhow, it did serve as the perfect reminder about some of the essential points you need to keep in mind when coming on a ski holiday with kids.


Because lets face it, kids can turn into grumpy little darlings at the best of times, never mind after a few hours on the slopes, which is enough to tire out even the fittest of us oldies.


So, going away on your ski trip with a few expectations and being prepared will ensure that you keep things running as smoothly as possible with minimal tantrums from child and parent.


# 1 Expect The Extra Work – By that I mean carrying extra sets of kids equipment or indeed having to carry or pull said child. They are going to get tired, they are going to start moaning, so get yourself in a few extra workouts now, carry your child up and down the stairs a few time to prepare yourself for the weight and just resign to the fact that this is going to happen.


# 2 Have An Adequate Size Back Pack – As any parent knows, kids come with stuff and lots of it so making sure you can fit all of it into your back pack and that your backpack is comfortable to carry (you may want to test it out before your get here). Consider having spare pairs of gloves (or at least gloves that can be attached to the child because they are going to get pulled off) as well as handkerchiefs for snotty noses, sun cream and plenty of water and snacks.


# 3 Layer Up – And if you have room in that back pack of yours then consider having spare thermals. There is nothing more enticing to a child that see’s snow, to immediately go and do a snow angel and then proceed to roll about in it. They are going to get wet and cold, so always as the boy scouts taught us, ‘Be Prepared’


# 4 Get Lessons
– Look, I know the idea of having quality family time and teaching your kids to ski yourself is a wonderful idea, but the reality is it’s hard work, stressful and your kids won’t listen to you. I can assure you and it will all end in tears. Getting proper lessons is far more fun for the kids and will give you parents some child free slope time and you won’t pass on your bad technique onto them.


We recommend ESF for kids skiing.


Mint for snowboarding 


Both will take children from age 3 for lessons


And for the children that are not old enough to shred just yet then do consider booking some childcare. They have so many amazing activities on for the toddlers they will have a whale of a time without freezing away on the side of the mountain. This way everyone gets to enjoy what they came away for and the children will be ready for a nice early night while you enjoy a nightcap after dinner. Here at the Works we also offer children a high tea, so they can be chilling on the couch with a movie while you enjoy you dinner in peace


For younger childcare we recommend Cheeky Monkeys as they can provide a kids club or if you are coming in a group can even arrange an in chalet nanny or even evening babysitting services.



# 5 Keep Them Entertained – Ok so I am no parenting expert and know keeping your cool can be a challenge (well at least it is in our household), but seriously. You are on your holidays, you are here to have fun so try to keep calm and enjoy. As parents just remember that you are on the same team, so work together. Have plenty of entertainment with you. Many people may frown upon giving a child an iPad or iPod to keep them quiet, but seriously it’s the only time our children stop talking or fighting with each other. And that 30 mins of peace and quiet can do everyone the world of good in being able to enjoy your time away.


Morzine is a very family friendly town and there is so much to do when you are not on the slopes, there is sledging, ice skating, bowling, swimming (Aquariaz water park in Avoriaz), snowman building and there are usually a range of children’s activities on near the Tourist information in the centre of town and so lots of  fun to be had.


So reading this back, it kinda sounds like skiing with kids is the worst idea in the world!!! I promise it’s not, this was
rather to just to prepare you so that things can run smoothly. Taking your kids on a ski holiday is such an amazing opportunity for them, I have been skiing since I was old enough to walk and am forever thankful for my parents for introducing me to the snow at a very young age.


Skiing has always been my favourite type of holiday and I have such amazing memories of skiing with family friends.


Because that is what happiness is about, sharing amazing memories with the people that you love.


If you have some of your own top tips then leave us a comment blow so other readers can use them too.


Happy Holidaying on the slopes.


Emma & Gavin


PS – February ½ term is now already fully booked but we do still have availability for April Easter holidays. We are also already getting enquiries for 17/18 and school holiday weeks are always the first to go so book early. CLICK HERE to make an enquiry.


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