Popping My Cherry!!

Hey guys, I am new to world of Blogging so thought I would give it a whirl while my wife is engrossed in Olympic Ladies Gymnastics. (Yeah it’s taken from then to now to make this go live)

It has been a hectic couple of months selling the ‘Forever Home’ moving in with the in-laws, back in with the Mrs. old teenager bedroom, fast forward 15 years now with two kids and 2 dogs in tow. The youngest dog eating Nanas brand New high heel and youngest child sneaking out of his bed at night to paint Granddad’s glasses with Nanas Nail Varnish.

Sharing one bathroom between 6 when you are used to living in a house with 4 bathrooms has also been a ‘first world problem’ but not one I am accustomed too.

These have certainly added to the stress factor in achieving our goal and sole ambition in making a new life for us in the Alps. The French Alps. A Beautifully scenic and charismatic ski resort called Morzine. Heart of Porte Du Soliel, one of the largest connected Ski Areas in the World.

After having 6 days to pack up and move out of house in fear that the deal was going to fall through, We have had most of our gear in Stored in 3 different properties across the Fylde Coast until I could arrange suitable Storage. The last of the Storage has been shipped today, We leave UK on Sunday and will be settling into our new surrounding Monday afternoon and we now at last can feel as if things are happening! They are happening!

The Works Morzine is happening and we are planning meticulously for next season where we will be offering Catered Chalet Holidays in Morzine, where you can come and express yourself the way you know how. Whether it is Skiing, Snowboarding, Enjoying Good Company, good hospitality, AMAZING FOOD or all of the above then ‘The Works’ can cater for you. During the run up to Winter we are going to giving away lots more cool stuff, maybe not as cool as holiday but never say never!

We are going to be doing competitions, winter menu selections, and we want you to be part of our journey and come experience what we are passionate about the only way we know how to! We will be keeping you up to date with What’s on in Morzine and events you don’t want to miss out on. Until now my fellow alpine friends,

Its Au Revoir, I will see you on the other side of the channel.

Gav and Em xx

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Auntie Em - 3 years ago Reply

Loving the blog Gav…..keep ’em coming!

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