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We feel we have been a little MIA on the ole email and blog posts, but as we hit the half way point of this season, (and what a season it’s been so far, busy and packed with lots and lots of snow!!) Anyway, this week in particular we felt we had something to shout about.


The delivery of our amazing new custom Union Jackets from our good friends at SNOOKS.


And yes the girls at SNOOKS sponsor us by providing our amazing staff uniforms, BUT I write this post in all honesty, as I am really impressed with every aspect of these jackets.


We love the style, the colour, the fit (long to keep ya bum warm as well as looking damn cool), the amount of pockets. They are super lightweight yet incredibly warm.


And we feel pretty passionate about supporting small independent brands. We are forever grateful for our guests that choose us over big brand hotels and agents, it really means a lot to us and we work to make your stay a special one knowing that we really care about you and your holiday.


Because of this, we love to be able to support the people out there who are working to make waves and putting themselves up there with the big brands in the huge industry of snowsports wear.


SNOOKS are designed and made in Britain by women for women and they are creating a movement. So we would love nothing more, than for you guys to also get on board and #supportbritishmade


So this week has really been the perfect week to get out on the mountain and really put the jackets to the test.


We started the week with bright blue skies, fresh snow and a spine shuddering   -12 degrees to kick off the half term week, and have ended it in what can only be described as WET, very WET weekend as the temperatures rose quite substantially.


As I proudly wore my SNOOKS jacket yesterday morning I am very happy to report that my upper body was bone dry and incredibly warm. Not the same can be said for my lower body of which I was wearing a brand that shall remain nameless. And despite the wet weather it was actually pretty sweet on the slopes this morning, if you have the right gear, the weather is no issue as it meant we had the piste pretty much to ourselves.


So the jacket passed the waterproof test with gold stars as I was feeling all dry on the inside and pretty smug in the process.


Our staff members Jennie and Karen have been wearing theirs out on the mountain and have had a number of comments saying just how good they look.


So sponsored or not we highly recommend you bag one of these (if there is any left that is after their super successful Kickstarter campaign) You can check out the jackets and find out more about SNOOKS HERE.


The girls from SNOOKS are also going to be joining us for Snow & Yoga retreat this coming April and will be bringing along some goodies that we are going to be giving away on retreat. CLICK HERE to check out the details for Anow & Yoga Retreat


We now have just 4 places remaining open to beginner level skiers and beginner and intermediate snowboarders.


And yes sorry this one is just for the girls!! Boys if you want a little trip of your own with lessons to take your riding to the next level we are down to the last 3 places on Onyx snowboard camp 18th-25th March CLICK HERE for more info.

We hope you will come and vivit us this season.



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