Should You Or Shouldn’t You Buy Ski Or Snowboard Lessons?

When coming on a ski or snowboard holiday there are many decisions to take into consideration.


And whether or not to take lessons is a common question we get asked by our guests.


So we wanted to share our take and experience on it plus give you a clear idea of the costs associated with lessons.


For kids our recommendation is ALWAYS to get them lessons.


Not only is it a chance for the adults to get free run of some slope time, but our experience is that your own kids tend not to listen to you all that well.


Our son Clayton has been having both ski and snowboard lessons since the beginning of the season and though he has had more lessons than the typical holidaymaker, his progress has been both rapid and impressive. When out with us, we simply get told he can already to do it. So leave the teaching to the professionals.


But what about when it comes to an adult??


Is it worth the investment OR should you just get the expert advice from your mates/family members.


Now as someone who was self taught to snowboard with that all important advice from friends and family members, that usually end up in an argument the proverbial telling them to f*ck off. I actually hadn’t had a professional snowboard lesson until last year.


First thing is, it actually took me a REALLY long time to master snowboarding, I say master, what I really mean is to be able to make it down the pistè without landing flat on my face.


Had I of had lessons, I would have gotten over this period a lot quicker, with a lot less pain and tears. Yes I will admit to throwing my toys out of the pram and having a full on tantrum on the slopes many a time during learning.


Snowboarding has a very steep learning curve, once you have it, you have it and all is good in the world. But the very beginner stage is freeking hard work and at times painful as you spend a lot of time on your backside.


So my first ever lesson was actually a freestyle lesson just last year, and while I can ride pretty well now I was told by Barry at Real that I had picked up some bad habits and it was halting my progress.


Having these 2 lessons helped me improve my riding massively though I would defiantly now like to have some more. Barry’s picked up on so many small things that I have been able to continue to work on. It’s also so inspiring to see a professional in action as he showed us some very cool tricks where he actually went and did a back flip over his own mother!!


Gav on the other hand is one of those annoying people who picked up snowboarding very quickly with little tuition. But he now has regular lessons to help improve his freestyle work.


So the decision to have a lesson or persevere with self-tuition is a very personal one and depends on your fitness levels, your confidence and your natural athletic ability.


One of our recent guests Ashlyn posted a picture of her ski progress.


She commented in just how quickly she felt she progressed in a pretty short space of time she highly recommends Lesley at BASS as she was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. This then enabled her to feel more confident and it changed the experience of her ski holiday completely. See her before and after shots below after just three, two-hour lessons.


She did also think that a whole new ski outfit also contributed to her improvement as looking cool on the hill is all so important ha ha!


So How Much Do Lessons Cost?


The price of lessons can range but don’t always shop on price alone. Go from recommendations if you can, ask around, do your research. It can be the difference from leaving your lessons stressed upset and feeling like a failure, to leaving feeling informed, supported and confident so you feel ready to go and nail a black run.


Expect to pay anywhere between £55-85 per hour for a private lesson and between £200-£250 for a 4 day group course.


Our top recommended schools are


Skiing –


British Ski School (BASS) or Freedom to ski


For snowboarding we recommend:


Real Snowboarding


Onyx Snowboard School


Top Tips For A Smooth Process


  1. Make sure you are clear of the time and the location of your lesson start times. Don’t be late you are wasting precious mountain time.
  2. Make sure you have the correct area pass for the lessons you have booked.
  3. Book lessons well ahead of your holiday, especially if you are coming over peak week/school holidays, they do get very busy during these times.
  4. Know yourself. If you don’t work well in groups or are self-conscious then seriously consider a private lesson. This is YOUR holiday you want to enjoy the experience.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or tell your instructor if you don’t understand something.
  6. Don’t be afraid to fall. We have all been beginners at one time and you only grow and learn if you go and give it your all.
  7. Aim to have your lessons early in the week so you can spend the remainder of the week practicing all that you have learnt


So we hope that you have found this article useful in making your decision on which route to take.


And of course if you have some of your own tips for when booking ski or snowboard lessons we would love to hear them, leave a comment below.




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