Need Equipment? Unsure Of your Best Options?

Do I rent? Do I buy? Where do I buy? UK or France?


If you are wanting to buy new kit? Maybe its your First time and have two many decisions to make as what to buy? Where to buy it?


We have been getting a fair few questions regarding where is best to buy? We have had this dilemma ourselves in the past, so here to break it down and assist you with your snowboard shopping issues, is a little bit of valuable information and our top tips.


You are considering booking your holiday or have booked it and you have got no kit? What do you do? Rent or Buy?



Grinding skis at service


Less luggage

Cheaper than buying

If you don’t like your board you can take it back and try another




The Boots will have been worn by others so won’t be molded to your feet.

Lose mountain time for multiple trips to hire shop

It doesn’t belong to you

Rental gear will never fit as good as your own

Potentially affect performance


Ok, My wife and I have rented before, many moons ago! The standard of equipment available for rent is far better than what is was 15 years ago and the service is that much better too. If you are planning on renting your equipment in resort, one thing I would urge you to do is BUY YOUR OWN BOOTS! Even if you may never come again, you can always sell them on eBay and lose the amount of money you would have paid for renting them.

The equipment itself will be of a good standard, if all 3 components aren’t on key though you could incur issues!


Buying your own boots can be essential and could be the deciding factor on whether your day was OK or freeking Amazing! You will be spending between 6- 8hours in your boots, (possibly longer if you hit the bars straight from the slopes) so the comfort and quality of your footwear is imperative for you to get the best out of your ski holiday.


Your boots need to be of a fit that is snug when tight, your toes should be able to just touch the end of your boot without your toes scrunching. This applies to both snowboarding and ski boots, thought defiantly ask for further advice when getting your boots fitted.


The fit of your boots is also essential to the performance of your skiing or riding, if you have considerable movement in your boot, you don’t have 100% control over what it is you are trying to achieve on the mountain, rental boots will very rarely be a perfect fit!


BUYING PROS Expert Snowboarder jump


Providing you use a reputable retailer your set up will be specific for you.

You can use the same equipment each and every time you hit the mountain

You will learn quicker therefore you will perform better

You will save money In the long run.




Large initial outlay.

Finding the right retailer and choosing the right board.



Buying UK or France?


Ok so you have decided to BUY? Where do I BUY I hear you cry?


Luckily for you we have retailers on UK Soil and across the pond who are experts in their field of work.


UK Retailers have over the years become much more involved with the Ski Snowboard industry. Since the British Ski & Snowboard was formed in 2010, they have investing millions into the development and management of Elite British Winter snowsport athletes.


The leading retailers, Ellis Bingham, Snow and Rock, Subvert, The Snowboard Asylum, all have a wealth of knowledge and will cater for all your Winter Sport equipment requirements. The prices are competitive and you can find great deals back in UK.


The retailers in Morzine seem to have a greater knowledge of the industry, they life and breathe Winter Sport and know more about the different types of equipment, styles to suit each persons specific needs. Any retailer on the Rue Du Bourg in center of Morzine will be able to assist you, They are all English speaking (because most of them are from UK) Slopestyle, The Woods, Attack Attack, InterSport are all hotspots to check out.


If the exchange rate is a deciding factor in your purchase, just have a think. You have made the commitment to buy you your first set up! This could be the deciding factor on turning you from looking like you are on a set for ‘Bambi on Ice’ to a solid skier/rider.


The price could be slightly more for your equipment but the service and knowledge provided to you during your purchase could be priceless.






If you can afford to, you would be wise to invest in your own boots. If this is your first time and you don’t know whether you will return again, then just rent everything. We work closely with local rental companies who will deliver and fit your equipment direct to you here at the Chalet, minimizing time waiting around in the shop.


For all other scenarios, providing you use a trusty retailer BUY THE LOT. Just do it! You will thank me for it when you return year after year!


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