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6 Reasons To Choose A Wellness Holiday This Year

Is it time for you to step outside the normal beach holiday this year and instead choose something that your body will thank you for?Fitness, adventure and wellness holidays are on the rise, and for very good reason. Because they can be a more memorable and meaningful experience, plus they help you to feel freeking […]

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Is It Strict?

This is one of the questions I got asked about our up and coming retreats. You see we do advertise the food for the retreat as being vegan but I wanted to share my philosophy around diet and nutrition to help you decide if our retreats will be a good fit for you. Anyone who […]

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Something To Shout About

We feel we have been a little MIA on the ole email and blog posts, but as we hit the half way point of this season, (and what a season it’s been so far, busy and packed with lots and lots of snow!!) Anyway, this week in particular we felt we had something to shout […]

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You Don’t Know What You Are Missing

So I am incredibly grateful for the fact that I have been on the slopes for almost as long as I have been able to walk.   I was first taught to ski right here in Morzine on the Pleney as a toddler back in the 80’s. (I really need to get my mum to […]

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