7 Reasons To Choose Skiing This Christmas

Holidays are coming!!!
Xmas for me, is literally THEE best time of the year! It’s a chance for friends and family some from afar to rejoice and celebrate that one special week when Santa arrives and squeezes through all of our chimneys, dropping off his many gifts for the children.  He and Rudolph will enjoy the snacks we have left on the fireplace for them, to the kids astonishment in the morning whilst we all gather round the Xmas tree opening presents, listening to cheesy Xmas songs, getting merry (so what if its only 8am), going out and exploring what joy our white snowy peaks may bring! All of our guests are family, and our Xmas guests can be sure to have the feel as though they are living at home away from home. The Xmas spirit will be plentiful this year at Chalet Symphony!
Here are 7 reasons why Skiing at Xmas is a good idea!
  1. XMAS WITH SNOW. EVERYBODY LOVES SNOW!  I can only ever remember one Xmas we had which was in the snow and it was ace! The kids love it, It just makes everything more Christmassy.  There is no better place to spend it than in the mountains.
  2. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS. Avoriaz has the best facilities in the Alps to produce Snow when there isn’t any falling from the sky. Last year was the worst year in over 10 years and still most of Avoriaz was open and skiable.
  3. KIDS SKI FREE!  This year the lovely people from Porte Du Soleil are offering free Childrens liftpasses to kids under 12 when purchased with one full paying adult.  Result! That’s a saving of €220 per child
  4. AMAZING DISCOUNTS! Ok So its no secret that we haven’t had the best Snow over the last couple of years, but because of this… There are some amazing deals to be had! We are due a bumper Xmas with heaps of snow! Could this be our year?
  5. NO TIME IN THE KITCHEN. Give Mum and Nan a break for one year and left them enjoy a Xmas away from the Kitchen! Who wouldn’t want to have Xmas dinner with all the trimmings made for them without having to cook or wash the pots!
  6. NO TURKEY BUTTIES. There will be no need for eating Turkey until New Years Eve. Our Chefs will have different 4 course delights for you to feast on without you having to worry about consuming the remainder 4kg of Turkey Mum overbought.
  7. SNOW GUARANTEE. It is a worry on some guests mind regarding the snow conditions but not ours, We are offering our Xmas guests a Snow Guarantee. Basically if there are no areas that are skiable or accessible with children then we will refund you ALL of your money.
I know we said 8 but we thought of one other good reason to come and join us!
8. BETTER THAN LAPLAND Not that I have been, but I’m pretty sure you only get to see Santa in the snow. You can do that here, and get to ski/snowboard each day! There are also plenty of other activities to keep you entertained, ice-skating, shoe-shoeing, all whilst our beautiful village of Morzine being taken over by festivities, Xmas markets, Santa’s grottos and much more Xmas carry including light displays and FREE creative workshops for the kids! CLICK HERE to see the full event listings for the Enchanted Morzine Christmas festivities
So if you fancy joining us this Christmas at The Works CLICK HERE now to complete an enquiry form.

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